Building Confidence

Our classes provide the opportunity for children to build in confidence and develop self-esteem. Children are given regular opportunities to reflect on their own progress and abilities, to identify areas/skills that they would like to focus on and further develop. Our classes are great for offering naturally confident young people a creative outlet, as well as helping to increase confidence in those children who are more timid and shy. 

Inspiring Creativity

Creativity also fosters mental growth in children and helps them to acknowledge and celebrate uniqueness and diversity. Imagination equips children to solve problems by helping them to think through different outcomes to various situations and enabling them to role play ways to cope with difficult or new circumstances.

Drama Programmes for all Ages

Reflect Productions delivers classes and courses tailored to suit all age groups and abilities.  Whether you are looking for a way  to make new friends, develop confidence and self-presentation skills, or whether you are looking to hone and develop existing talents in Performing Arts’ we have something for  you!

3-6 Year Olds

3-6 Year Olds

Make new friends in our high energy, confidence-building classes where imaginative fun is our focus!

7-10 Year Olds

7-11 Year Olds

Structured, high energy classes that encourage everyone to develop skills in the Performing Arts’ with a new focus each term.

11-17 Year Olds

11-18 Year Olds

Classes for teenagers help really develop Performing Arts’ knowledge, whilst helping students expand their social sphere outside of their usual peer group and give them the confidence they need for life!

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Encouraging Teamwork

Our classes promote teamwork, through various activities and the shared collaboration of putting on an end of term performance.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Communication skills are one of the most important areas that Reflect Productions classes work to develop. Communication skills are a vital part of all aspects of life, at school and within the working environment. Drama is well known for helping children to articulate more clearly and to listen in addition to developing a wider vocabulary

Developing Friendships

Working creatively alongside others encourages a supportive, friendly atmosphere and helps students develop positive relationships and bonds outside of their usual peer group.

Reflect Productions’ Ethos

Every child should be proud of themselves. At Reflect we strive to provide a safe, caring, creative environment for the young people involved. We believe in equality and respect diversity. We deliver positive practice in all our workshops and all practitioners instil important values during sessions including politeness and respect. We deliver all workshops with an energy and passion, guiding the young people every step of the way through encouragement and an inspired approach. We have high expectations of our members, not in terms of talent but rather involvement, dedication and enjoyment. Through having a great time at Reflect, we see genuine benefits in confidence, resilience and improved focus.

All members of the Reflect Team are welcoming and approachable, and they invest their time to ensure that your child will reach their full potential. Our classes ensure your child has support and encouragement, and help your child develop in a fun and relaxed environment. Our teachers are always on hand before and after class to discuss any concerns and feedback, and our team are available via email should you need to contact them outside of regular class time. Reflect Productions recruit all teaching staff themselves, ensuring that they understand and embody the aims/ethos of Reflect Productions. All staff undergo regular DBS checks, first aid training and take part in termly practitioner training sessions.  


  • OMG what an amazing party – boys absolutely loved it!!!! Your guys are just so talented and all the parents were so happy with how much fun their kids were having!!
    Let me know if there is anywhere that I can post a review or publically tell everyone how wonderful you are!!!
    Thank you again!!!!!

    Jane Bucket
  • Just wanted to say great party – Natasha was fab. They are not an easy crowd and she had them eating out of the palm of her hand!

  • Thank you so much for this week, despite being unsure at the start, Jake has had a brilliant time and we thought the show today was great!! His first words when he came out was please can I do the next show…

    Parent of Student
  • My daughter has been doing drama classes for two terms now in Reception class and looks forward to them each week with great excitement. Kirsty has a wonderful, charismatic way with the children, building their confidence, self-expression and listening skills in a way that any parent would find invaluable. Thanks Kirsty!

  • Both my daughters have got so much from their Reflect drama experiences. The holiday workshops have been a great success – with lots of enthusiastic rehearsing at home as well as during the sessions. They love going to Wednesday drama club and it is fantastic seeing their confidence grow with the support and encouragement of Kirsty and her team. Reflect Productions is a professional organisation that succeeds in getting the best out of a diverse group of children, whatever their ability and confidence level. Seeing the smiles of pride and pleasure on their faces at the end of their shows is testament to this.

  • Thank you so much for this week, despite being unsure at the start, Jake has had a brilliant time and we thought the show today was great!! His first words when he came out was please can I do the next show…

  • My youngest is six with speech and language delay this has helped her hugely helping her with memory and speech. she loves to attend and perform in all the amazing plays. next is my middle daughter who is 13, she loves to take part in all the shows helping back stage and with the younger groups, Kirsty has given opportunities to take part in LAMDA exams? Charlotte loves the variety that Kirsty teaches them, singing, dancing and drama. My eldest is 14 he has autism, Kirsty is amazing with him, his confidence has grown and this has made him have a love for drama. Kirsty is an amazing teacher who treats every child individually and shows warmth and kindness to them all


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