What Parents Say

  • OMG what an amazing party – boys absolutely loved it!!!! Your guys are just so talented and all the parents were so happy with how much fun their kids were having!!
    Let me know if there is anywhere that I can post a review or publically tell everyone how wonderful you are!!!
    Thank you again!!!!!

    Jane Bucket
  • Just wanted to say great party – Natasha was fab. They are not an easy crowd and she had them eating out of the palm of her hand!

  • A huge thank you for a FANTASTIC  party on Saturday!!! Lily absolutely loved it and you were so imaginative in making it very Ghostbustery – not exactly an easy theme! Lily has slept with her mini blow-up Slimer each night since then and loves her certificate and tub of ghostly goo as well. Kirsty, thanks also for helping to put up balloons at the start. You made the whole thing totally magic and were utterly fabulous. Lily will remember that party forever, I reckon.

  • Thank you so much for Tallulah and Mia’s brilliant party yesterday. They had a wonderful time, as did all the children. You really are amazing and managed to keep almost 40 children entertained for 2 hours which was incredible and we are very grateful.

  • Thank you Kirsty for holding a brilliant disco party for Emma today! She said afterwards ” I had a really nice party mummy and had lots and lots and lots of fun! Can I have the same disco party when I’m seven too?!” So Emma certainly loved it! Seems like I might be calling you back again in a year’s time.


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